About Me


My name is Simon Langford. I’m an avid traveler and explorer, and I want to share my experiences with you.

At a young age, I often found myself everywhere I wasn’t supposed to be. If I wasn’t under the car (something I now realize was very stupid and dangerous) I could be found climbing on to the roof of the house (also stupid and dangerous). There were days I would go exploring the woods behind my home. Other days I might have been found in the crawl spaces throughout the house.

My parent’s had a hard time keeping up with me (sorry Mom and Dad), but I had a thirst for exploring. To this day, I still have that thirst. It’s a little more tame now, though. Thanks responsibilities!

I wanted a platform to share my experiences. Be it travel, technology, books, business, or anything in between. Whatever I find, I want to share.

So get ready! Through these doors/pages, you’ll encounter a number of wondrous happenings.